Covid-19 Update and Safety

Covid-19 Update and Safety 

Here at South Ogden Crossroads Fitness, your health and safety is our top priority and we are taking cautionary measures to make you feel comfortable with utilizing our facility. We have our staff cleaning and disinfecting our equipment and areas frequently with disinfectant that is EPA approved for Covid-19. 

There are sanitation stations throughout the facility that consist of hand sanitizer and disinfectant for members to wipe down the equipment they use before and after. We offer disposable rags and member rags for wiping down equipment. Any member that comes in is more than welcome to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 

We require our staff to wash their hands frequently and encourage anybody (including staff) who is feeling any type of illness to stay home. We have arranged for our cardio equipment to be limited to every other machine to help with social distancing. There are multiple areas throughout the gym to seclude yourself for your own social distancing practices. 

Childcare restrictions will be highly enforced to keep your children and family safe and healthy. We are recommending our staff to use PPE when supervising your children. There are limited hours and a limited number of appointment spots for each child checked in. Each child and parent will use hand sanitizer and have their temperature taken before entering the facility. There are designated child drop-off and pick-up locations to help with social distancing with children. After each appointment spot, staff will disinfect any area each child has been. 

Thank you for practicing safe hygiene and complying with the guidelines within the club. 

-South Ogden Crossroads Fitness Staff