Ogden Half and Full Marathon Prep With Us!

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Did you sign up for the Striders Winter Race Circuit? Are you planning on running the Ogden Half or Whole Marathon? We are here to support you!

We have a group of gym members that are participating in the Winter Race Circuit which leads right into the Ogden Marathon and Half Marathon. To help support those members we will be having regular Group Runs to help with training to run outside in the cold and to help build up miles. Not to mention a great opportunity to get to know and support others training for the same thing you are.

We will be setting up schedule for group runs and will have mile training plans to help you reach your goals in preparation for the races.

Winter Race Circuit

The Winter Race Circuit starts with a 5K  race- February 23rd. There is a 10K - March 9th, a 10 Mile race - March 23rd and the Ogden Half Marathon - April 6th with the finishing race being 30K - April 27th. The 30k race can be run as a half marathon as well.

We are planning group runs and training schedules to coincide with these races on these dates. Running with a group will help you prepare for the winter conditions, road races as well as building relationships with other members of our Crossroads Family.

We have people at all levels participating in this. From experienced Marathoners to first time racers so everyone is welcome. Please check with the front desk for more info and it will be posted here as well.

Greyscale Fireworks Photo Victoria Day Social Media Graphic 3

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