Trainer Tips- Balance Training


Balance Training

One component of exercise that s often over looked is balance training. Think of all we do every day that requires strong balance skills: holding ourselves up with good posture, catching ourselves when we trip to avoid falling, walking out the the mailbox, etc. Balance is highly functional and training can start at any age. Single-leg dead lifts, lunges, yoga and Tai Chi are all great ways to improve balance. Short on time? Stand on one leg while doing simple tasks like brushing your teeth, or walk heel-to-toe from one end of a room to t another (for a challenge try closing your eyes-just be careful!). For more check out these great websites!

Some classes to help with Balance Training would be Pilates, BodyFlow and small group training.

Alyson Bailey

CPT, Personal Trainer at

South Ogden Crossroads Fitness

Balance Training

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