Kayli Rivera

Kayli Rivera

Personal Trainer


Kayli has been a personal trainer at Crossroads Fitness since 2006. She also instructs a Les Mills Grit class three times a week. She married her best friend, they have three kids, two dogs and one cat. Kayli has always had a passion for athletics and nutrition. One thing she truly believes is that fitness and health can be life changing, and know that looks different for every individual. Her goal is to teach clients how to define their goals and help them create life changing habits. Everyone has struggles in their life, with work, parenting and all the other stresses this world brings. Her goal is to help find healthy tools that will make clients feel energized and empowered to conquer whatever they have going on, and feel better about themselves! Please contact Kayli if you are interested in feeling better, getting fit, and becoming your best self!

You can find Kayli teaching LesMills Grit, doing one-on-one personal training and Small Group Training classes.