Susan Myers

Personal Trainer


Hi! My name is Susan Myers and Ive been a personal trainer  for 7 years now working with a wide variety of clients who long for a healthier life: mentally, emotionally and physically! It doesn’t matter your age, or where you’re at right now. All that matters is you’ve decided to kick it into gear! Don’t think you can’t increase metabolism and muscle mass as you get older? Think again!  My first figure show was at 46 years old and continued that streak for another 4 years, yep, that’s right…50 years old!  I’ve also competed in Mountain Bike Challenges, Trail Runs, Sprint Triathlons, Swim Meets, Skijoring and Spartan Races! I love Snow Skiing, paddle boarding, horseback riding…

Busy?! Yep, so are the rest of us, that’s why I love circuit training!  Lifting is a must, especially as we get older. Don’t spend forever in the gym. Instead, get a great 30-60 minutes of cardio/strength training in to wake up those muscles, engage the brain and elevate those emotions!  How can you be the best for others, when you’re not treating yourself with respect! See you at the gym, let me help!

Susan does one-on-one personal training as well as Small Group Fitness training and teaches some of our Senior Classes!